4 févr. 2008


arbres enneigés

Et un très joyeux lundi à tous! (Mazette, on est déjà en février???)

3 commentaires:

Mary a dit…

Bonne semaine enneigée et ensoleillée, Deedeen !

En Belgique, bouh, il pleut. Alors vivent les gros pulls et les théières remplies de bon'thé !

cally a dit…

a beautiful sight.
no snow here, but at last - sunshine!

you didn't win my prize, but i decided to also give away little photocopied books as 2nd and 3rd prize and your name was 3rd out of the hat - congratulations. I'll email you to get your address, but like i say, it may be months before i find the box with those books so it will be a surprise when one day it suddenly appears at your door. x

deedeen a dit…

>mary: merci, à toi aussi, et bon thé!

>cally: here it snowed two days in a row, and it's again all white, but I must admit I'm now tired of snow, I'm waiting for the spring... Wow, thanks a lot for the prize, I'm so excited!!! Thank you!